Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy induced by trans-aortic banding (pressure overload)


Heart failure results from pressure overload.

LV hypertrophy

Dilation, some fibrosis after 4-6 weeks

Decreased cardiac output associated with reduced fractional shortening,  decreased ejection volume, and decreased function with increased volume (dilation).

Detectable within 5-7 days post-banding.



Surgical partial ligation of aorta with approx. 20-30% remaining blood flow in juvenile animals (they grow into the banding)

4-6 weeks of banding necessary for full LV remodeling


Study outcome

Cardiac echography (ultrasound)

Biomarkers (troponins, NT-Pro-BNP)

Invasive hemodynamics (BP, HR, ECG, PV loops)



Juvenile animals (mice, rats, sheep, pigs)

Annie Bouchard

Study Director

Annie Bouchard loves science. If you can manage to squeeze some talking time between her work in the lab, leading her team, writing study reports or researching protocols, it’s always the discipline of providing empirical evidence that shines through. “I love that we are practicing good science every day,” she says before cutting lunch short to return to the lab.